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  1. Toxy
  2. Holly_x
  3. OwlVac
    Joined 2 uhc sim matches, found 5 teamers. -_- Not going there again LOL
  4. ImAcerbic
    ImAcerbic Esthetic
    hello young mans
  5. OwlVac
    Real men don't go to the gym to impress girls, they go to the gym to impress other dudes (no homo)
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  6. Esthetic
  7. Esthetic
  8. Deboi
    Deboi Esthetic
    im the guy u were just talking too msg me
  9. ItsSynchro
    Big changes coming to SynchroFFA soon!
  10. RicoNasty
    Hey guys you might know me as Thepinkcloud, Tigqr, RicoNasty, Krystxl or Krxs. :)
  11. HuskerHamFam123
    Im Husker Aka Devin Im pretty cool when i wanna be And friedddnsslyyy! :]
  12. Cloned
    Cloned Cheetah
    Woah fancy meeting you here!
  13. Toxy
    W tap is op
  14. OwlVac
    Minecraft is just lag :(
    1. Ilusionary
      And blocks xD JK. But in singleplayer everything is good :D
      Aug 6, 2017
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    2. OwlVac
      ^^ :)
      Aug 10, 2017
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  15. ILMFL
    I'm going to reapply boys.
  16. Ilusionary
    Ilusionary cshightower
    Please cs, why didn't you accepted Mr_Peanut's appeal? He was really sorry, he is a very good person, please give him a second chance, anyone deserves one and everyone does make mistakes, so please think about what i have said.
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    2. OwlVac
      I agree, hes sorry
      Jul 20, 2017
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  17. Toxy
    Premium Status ftw
  18. Toxy
    Toxy ItsSynchro
    Hello ItsSynchro, I have been having trouble with the staff apps. I have recently made a staff app but with no response. When the apps were down, I made an application. Have I been muted for the first app? Or am I just not getting a response?
  19. Toxy
    I'm so rusty rn...
  20. OwlVac
    Got hackusated like 15 times today and people started teaming and bow spamming me :(
    1. Ilusionary
      This means you're good at pvp :D Don't worry, this happens even to me.
      Jul 11, 2017