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    (NOTE: These are all Sim bugs) So recently I started playing Synchro and I think its a very good server. But there are some bugs that I'd like to let the staff team know about.

    Bug #1 - Specs
    Spectators can hit horses.
    when a spec tp's to someone they appear for a second and if specs spam this most hits dont register for both players because they are hitting the spec but mainly the one getting spammed with specs.

    Bug #2 - Kicking
    sometimes when you join a game you are spawned in the air and it kicks you for flying.
    if you get combo'd into the border a lot you can also get kicked for flying

    Bug #3 - Reporting
    /report not working after you report someone, what I mean by this is it will say ''You must wait 120 seconds before reporting someone again'' and it will say this forever even if you have waited well over 120.

    Bug #4 - Heads
    Also I'm pretty sure this isnt supposed to be a thing but heads give regen 3 for 9 seconds, if this was regen 2 it would heal 4 hearts but, I've tried and one head heals 8 hearts and also regen 3 is super fast and if someone has a lot of heads they are basically unkillable, final fight people just eat a head and the fight is basically reset.

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    Thank you for the information, Orua. And, welcome to the server.

    I do believe that the developer of UHC Sim for the server is aware of most of these bugs. I know that I have experienced a couple of these while watching a match or sometimes playing in one. I will make sure that the information gets passed along.

    If you have any other suggestions to make UHC Sim better, post it in the forums. Thanks again.
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    I am aware of most of this, and @GrimReaper52498 is working to fix all of them as quickly as possible, I still like to think as SIM as a beta gamemode until most of the bugs are fixed. But with new features comes new bugs, the kick for flying bug is an easy fix, but bugs like the horse one have been there since day one, should be fixed soon. Thanks for the feedback.
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